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Transparency Viewer

TransparencyViewer is a learning tool. It assists in learning PDF transparency by experimenting with colors, opacities, and blending modes.



There is a fair amount of flexibility and features:


Downloading and Installation
For the version that runs under your browser and does not require downloading, use the Silverlight Version.
Supported OS:     Windows (XP, Vista).
Application:          TransparencyViewer.zip
Prerequisites:        Make sure that Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 (or later) is installed. You can check your version in "ControlPanel Programs and Features".

No installation is required. Just unzip TransparencyViewer.zip file and place the executable to any directory.

Please report bugs and suggestions to info@vdptech.com.



Version 2.3, Nov 30, 2008
1. Corrected blending with the page background to correspond to the PDF spec.
2. Removed "Background is White" and "Background is Transparent" options.

Version 2.2, Nov 25, 2008
1. Added grouping feature.
2. Toggle between single and two circles.
3. Displaying formula.