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Advanced PPML-3 and PDF/VT Implementations

Both standards are currently under development. Moreover, even after the standards are finalized, it may take some time for major players to come up with the supporting SDKs. Using these upcoming SDKs is not a guarantee for easy implementations. We expect some serious issues that may take years to resolve.

Being at the center of PPML-3 and PDF/VT development, we are confident that we can predict the outcome of both standards. This makes us to believe that PPML-3 and PDF/VT can be efficiently implemented using the existing technologies. This gives a head start to companies.

vdptech is eager to partner with DFE manufacturers and Application producers to be the first to implement PPML-3 and PDF/VT. We suggest the following sequence:

  1. Analyzing PPML-3 and PDF/VT requirements.
  2. Analyzing the company existing technology and seeing how well it is suited for PPML-3 and PDF/VT transition.
  3. Creating high-level architecture.
  4. Specifying and developing the missing technology pieces as needed.
  5. Creating the acceptance criteria and test suits.

In addition we can provide some relevant technology to accommodate the development. We can assure the smooth transition to the new technology.